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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sudden mood

Anoda lousy poem from me

Years have gone by
Life has passed by
Many disappoinments hav passed by
Hav i grew stronger?

Life is like a stage play
Sometimes you hav a bigger play
However life is definitely not like a farm
Where u can chase sheeps all day long.

Thinking bak how I hav struggled
Noticing how much things hav changed
Many regrets cannot be undone
Only future can be controlled.

Life feels so dark suddenly
The clouds fill the skies
Emotions fill the heart
Wat is left is a strong mind.

Once upon a time I was a 7 year old boy
Now i'm a 21 yearr old boy
Noticing how much I hav gone thru
I can say I hav learned a lot.

Suddenly I found out I've got dreams
Missions and visions too
Suddenly I know I gotta move on
Letting go of disappoinments

I know I gotta stand strong
Weather thru the storms
Fighting against the winds
To be a strong person inside

I am now writing a new chapter of my life
Everything will now definitely be different
I now have someone i cherish deeply
For me to share all my joy and sorrows.

I wanna thank you for giving me a chance
To enjoy such beautiful moments
I wish all these will not end
So my chapters will be interesting till the end

I notice my role is bigger now
My plays are definitely more important
I wanna say life is not all that bad
So please just giv life a chance

I wanna end by saying this
Life is definitely not difficult
It is just not that simple
So try to understand it

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