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Monday, July 5, 2010

Finally, my mind is cleared

Today, i spent my day doin my assgns for sunzhi and performance mgmt. Now p.mgmt and sunzhi is completed, i can concentrate on studying. Juz now i was studying and watching "borned rich". U might say i was wasting my time watching series. But suddenly, after watching, i und many things. Things which made me realized wat i did so far is wrong. The movie was touching. I learned many things from the drama.

Actually i was watching since yday. Then today, after episode 11, i decided to jump to 40+...lol the numberings on my episodes are bad...haha. Nway, i und many many things now. The moral values from the movie is priceless to say at least. Haha it's funny isn't it. I now know how to deal wif my life from a difren angle. I shall now put all effort into 2 things. Wat are the 2 things, secret la. Well, i dun wanna be a superman and take up too many things. Kinda tired. Let the waterfall flow, we'll still get water from below. Trying to collect the water midway thru is definitely more difficult.

K la i wanna disappear from here d.

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