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Friday, April 2, 2010

Hehe sth to comment

After reading my fren's blog, i suddenly felt like saying sth. It's juz my personal opinion. I dun wanna create any unnecessary religious uproar. Bu then, even for me, i hav met a few ppl persuading me "nicely" to convert to christianity. Why use persuasive?? Wat's the motive behind all these?? I dunno of coz but to me, we'll convert to christian when we wan to. Besides, dun u think persuasive conversion brings no meaning. I can be a christian, but in the end, i will not hav faith in it. True faith requires pure believers, dun u think. Some ppl might convert after persuasion, only to regret. Some may not even practise the teachings. So wat's the use of converting?? Well, one things for sure, i haven't met any ppl persuading me to convert to Buddhism.

I am not discriminating, but if u ppl wanna believe watever religion u wan, go ahead. We're living in a democratic country when the federal constitution allows free practise of any religion, of coz except black magics. But dun come ard persuading others to convert. To me, it's annoying. It's like they are desperate to add more numbers. Besides, a religion is juz a belief. A belief that regulates human conducts. If u believe, then u do. If not, then up to u. In fact, the only religion i met persuading ppl to convert are christians. Okok prove me wrong. I'm a democratic person. I accept all opinions and suggestions And afterall, this is my personal opinion. Mayb buddhist does that as well, i dunno. But so far, i met none. So if u do, let me know.

Lastly, plz, to all believers of all religions, believe ur religion as it is. Be strong in ur beliefs. We're here as human for a reason. We must not discriminate or hurt anyone as we're all humans. 2 hands, 2 legs, one head. Some ppl are gifted, some are taken away. God has his reasons for doin so. Besides, maybe in the end, there's only one god and he's smiling to all of us. However dun go ard persuading others. If we believe in ur religion, then we will convert. If not, juz move on. This is so especially to me eldest sister who goes ard preaching her religion. I find it rather annoying. That's all from me.

To anyone felt annoyed and irritated by my post, move on. I nvr call u to read. It's my personal opinion. U can post ur opinions here if u like. If my post caused an uproar, it's bcoz u ppl are not strong enuf in ur religion. And if u care so much wat i've said, it juz proves u're not strong in ur faith. If my words can shake the world, then the world is not strong enough. I believe any religion's god will agree wif me on this sentence "TRUE FAITH REQUIRES TRUE BELIEVERS".

Thank You

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