Hey guys...

What is life? What is love? I juz wanna say i'm lucky to have frenz...that's all

Monday, July 5, 2010

Finally, my mind is cleared

Today, i spent my day doin my assgns for sunzhi and performance mgmt. Now p.mgmt and sunzhi is completed, i can concentrate on studying. Juz now i was studying and watching "borned rich". U might say i was wasting my time watching series. But suddenly, after watching, i und many things. Things which made me realized wat i did so far is wrong. The movie was touching. I learned many things from the drama.

Actually i was watching since yday. Then today, after episode 11, i decided to jump to 40+...lol the numberings on my episodes are bad...haha. Nway, i und many many things now. The moral values from the movie is priceless to say at least. Haha it's funny isn't it. I now know how to deal wif my life from a difren angle. I shall now put all effort into 2 things. Wat are the 2 things, secret la. Well, i dun wanna be a superman and take up too many things. Kinda tired. Let the waterfall flow, we'll still get water from below. Trying to collect the water midway thru is definitely more difficult.

K la i wanna disappear from here d.

OMG i'm dead

Ok ok i'm not dead. Just that something came in, and i felt the stress oredi. Eh eh it's juz english. But then, this is the 1st time i've seen such....english. Seriously, how to edit wor. I'm not discriminating coz they are trying their utmost bez. But still, i rather not have their reports wif me. Gives me the creeps. I'm a guy who tries his bez in everything, even english. Hopefully, i wont open their reports again since this assgn is not abt english.

Luckily i got the jist out of their essays. So i bet my lecturer will hav the same in mind. Really dun feel like editing their reports. But i juz feel like editing. Argh, anoda contradicting decision. Muz make up my mind real soon. C.Law assgn coming up. No time for woo-woo anymore. If i go woo-woo again, i might lose the person i love. I'm serious. Ok now, time for some updates....

Latest updates:-
Sunzhi assgn: 90% completed
Performance mgmt: 80% completed
C.Law: Errm...10%??? Ask group leader...i'm not leading.

Study for mid-terms:
C.Law: 80% Left company's constitution...i suppose 85% kua...
AFA: 45%
Performance mgmt: 55%
Auditing (my favourite): 85%

Still many things to do...fight fight.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

I wonder...

Sometimes sometimes sometimes...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Treasure every moment

These few days have been harsh. I've learnt a lot about love & life. Now, i can dare say my life is moving onto the nxt transition. Okok, my love life and life itself has not been that great. Well overall, I've started to understand and see things differently. Like ppl say, when it's time to change, we will change. As for me, i've much more quiet than the old noisy Alex. I've learnt that sometimes, being silence is a way of communicating as well. When we're not talking, we're enjoying. How true this is.

I've began to enjoy the surroundings, looking and watching as ppl and time pass by rather than making my presence felt. It's kinda fun actually. Also, i've began to understand that friends are part of life. Without friends, life is definitely a bad one. However, I oso truly understand that life without love is like a tree without water. Dun get me wrong. Love can come from family and friends. Oh ok, the in-between too. After so many things happened, I can truly say I need her and love her. Well, is that too late now?

Moreover, being a human does not mean we havta make our presence felt. I found out that as long as ppl can feel our presence, then life is good enuf. Live life as humble as u can. We dun havta stand out as long as we can make a difference. Starting to see openly u might say....hehe. Oh ya i shall post some pix which i took juz now. Kinda nice.

Nice pic...lol looks like came out from the electric pole...

Love d rainbow...

Nice rainbow eh...

Sry...blame the tree...lol

Eh i'm not promoting 3R...lol

Don't see clouds plz...see the mountain...