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Friday, March 26, 2010

Feeling useless

Haih...i feel so useless tonite. I juz cant do anything. I wanna make her smile, yet i dunno how. I wan her to know i care for her, but i juz dunno how to show it. Seeing her down, yet i could do ntg, wat a lousy bf i am. I juz feel like goin bak to pg to accompany her. She's my energy, my strength. It's not i dun hav the confident. I hav, but I nid time. I know she's not rushing me, but I'm juz scared. I know she's giving me the chance, yet i dunno how to use it properly. Really feel useless. Wat can i do. I've never felt like this before.

OK OK ALEX, u're not this lousy...u can do it. Do it for urself, do it for her. I know u can. Dun giv up. Giving up is nvr in ur dictionary...NEVER...so why now? Dun ever giv up or u'll regret doin so. U're stronger than u think. Fight fight fight. Aza aza~!! No more blank talks. Will let my actions do the talking. Ganbatte!!

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