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What is life? What is love? I juz wanna say i'm lucky to have frenz...that's all

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Dear it's been nearly 2 months and i can say i've never been happier than this.
Having u wif me, the world feels so light, burden-less u might say. It feels paradise being wif u.
I know i hav ntg good to giv u, yet u accepted me. And for that, i wanna thank you.
Throughout these 2 month, i felt so loved and fun being wif u. It's like a never-ending story.
A book that goes on and on. When the world neglects me, u've been there supporting me
When the world hates me, u've been there all these while to love me. I juz cant thank you enuf.
Your love, ur trust, that's wat keeps me goin. I dunno if u read this or not, but i'm glad u're mine.

To those who knows our story well, they'll say "it's juz 2 mths". But these 2 mths, we've been
through ups and downs. We've gone from juz frenz to lovers. We've gone from unknowns to
a couple that und each other alot. There are 2 types of love in this world. One is, the girl falls for
the guy at 1st sight. This, the guy do not havta do anything. Ours, it's more of u accepted me.
Thus i can juz try my utmost bez to win ur heart. I do admit i get jealous over petty stuffs.
Like the cantonese says "hap kon chou". Still, i cant do anything abt it. I'm a human made
of flesh. I hav a soft heart, not a steel one. I try my bez to ignore, but sometimes, i juz cant control.

I hope u'll understand. I wan u to be the one and only. No other girls shall be of importance to me. Only you. U're the one that shelters me from the sunshine, provides me wif lights during
the nite, gav me hope when the world's collapsing on me, providing me wif energy when
i can barely walk. In return, i'll try my bez to provide u wif one world, a happy world.
Why i post this, i hav no idea. But these are my true feelings, from deep within my heart.
I love you dear. And thx for being wif me.

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