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What is life? What is love? I juz wanna say i'm lucky to have frenz...that's all

Monday, May 17, 2010

Wonderful days

Hehe u shud know wat post is this. Ever since friday, i've been goin for outings...datings u may say, wif my beloved. Hehe not to say we went anywhere romantic. But quite ok la. So big boy, 1st time pak tuo, lidat d wan la. Hehe she's my 1st love. And she will be d ONE AND ONLY.
It's been wonderful the past few days. Altho a few bad things happened, i notice they're due to my carelessness and lack of experience. Rationally thinking, i muz practice driving more. Seriously rusty. Noob skill. LOL

Nway life's been great. Dear, if u're readin this, thx alot. I love you dear. Everytime i'm wif u, my heart pounds like crazy. Like gonna jump out. Hehe and thx for ur gift. Love it. Hehe thx for brightening my darky world. Without u, life will be cold and hard. But wif u, it's always spring and easy. Hehe k la i gonna end this post. Muaxx muaxx

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