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Monday, July 5, 2010

OMG i'm dead

Ok ok i'm not dead. Just that something came in, and i felt the stress oredi. Eh eh it's juz english. But then, this is the 1st time i've seen such....english. Seriously, how to edit wor. I'm not discriminating coz they are trying their utmost bez. But still, i rather not have their reports wif me. Gives me the creeps. I'm a guy who tries his bez in everything, even english. Hopefully, i wont open their reports again since this assgn is not abt english.

Luckily i got the jist out of their essays. So i bet my lecturer will hav the same in mind. Really dun feel like editing their reports. But i juz feel like editing. Argh, anoda contradicting decision. Muz make up my mind real soon. C.Law assgn coming up. No time for woo-woo anymore. If i go woo-woo again, i might lose the person i love. I'm serious. Ok now, time for some updates....

Latest updates:-
Sunzhi assgn: 90% completed
Performance mgmt: 80% completed
C.Law: Errm...10%??? Ask group leader...i'm not leading.

Study for mid-terms:
C.Law: 80% Left company's constitution...i suppose 85% kua...
AFA: 45%
Performance mgmt: 55%
Auditing (my favourite): 85%

Still many things to do...fight fight.

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