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Friday, August 6, 2010

It's been awhile

I guess it's been a long time since i last posted a blog. Well, a lil update abt me. Gonna sit for my AFA mid-term II tmr. So not in the mood coz of the freaking humid weather. Oh well, it's not whether i'm in the mood or not nway. It's that i muz score well. Haih these few days hav been really torturing for me. Tried my bez to occupy my time wif studying so as not to think of her. I really miss her alot. How i wish time could turn bak to jan, where i can plan ahead. Life's been really dull and empty without her. So i had to exercise, study, exercise, study juz so i wont think of her.

I really hope the result of everything will be favourable to me. I'm not putting too high expectations on this one d. I juz hope it wont be an adverse result. I really wish for a miracle to fall from the sky. Nway, i think now's not the right time to think of such thing. Try my bez ba. If it does not work out the way i hope it will be, then...i dunno la. I cant predict the future nway.

Tmr's AFA is really a pain in the ass. After tmr AFA, i muz occupy my time wif my finals d. Study and exercise till i drop dead. Oh ya, clean my room too. I left it unattended for like...3 weeks d. Muz clean my room on sunday, or else i'll be slping among dust liao. Aih k la i gtg d...prepare for dinner...my dinner is fruits nway. Bye

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