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Sunday, August 8, 2010

A lil update abt me again

Hey i'm back. Life's been very quiet now. And it makes me think of her again. Why?? I went to yamcha juz now, my very 1st yamcha of the sem. The previous yamcha, i went wif jason they all plus ah boy. I remember sherry saying this to me "u come here yamcha or to sms?? Go home la go home la...go bak sms her la". I was so happy that time coz i tot i've found the one who will be wif me to support and motivate me, giving me a chance to change and improve myself, and to witness all the changes in me. I really gav her all my loyalty and love to her. No dividing. Juz for her.

Well, fast forward bak to present, nearly 5 mths down the road, here i am, sitting here blogging and telling myself if everything was juz a dream. A fairytale run that came to an abrupt end. Well, not really abrupt end altho i nvr see it coming. And 2 weeks before the monday when she scares me wif sth she said, we were still sms-ing wif her in a foreign country, and still scolding me for not sms-ing her and said i would be anoda bad guy for leaving her alone. I was happy coz i tot she really need and wants me. Fast forward to today, i'm really afraid that she will leave me. Why?? Why muz it has to be this way??

Ok ok she agreed to reconsider again during the sem break. But, it seems like the % of winning is so low. I nvr had a fair chance. I really sincerely hope that this time, i'll get a fair and serious chance. Plus, my chance is quite low as when my sem break starts, hers will end real soon, in ard 4 days or so. I felt like anoda huge test has been set forth upon me to win her in the shortest period possible. I really hope to get a real evaluation now. K la, it's getting late. Nid to go jogging tmr morning. Byebye

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