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What is life? What is love? I juz wanna say i'm lucky to have frenz...that's all

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Life...as it is.

Life...weird isn't it. Everyone's lives changes every single moment. Now u're happy, later u're sad. Like the weather here. However, putting that aside, my previous post asked abt wat do u think of frenz. Seriously, they only come when they need u. I juz notice how naive i am to think that being frenz means being open and sharing. Not everyone appreciates our intentions. One moment, it seems like they care. The nxt moment, u find out they juz need u. They come wif good words, but leave without a trace. Vanish i shud say.

I'm tired of trying so hard to keep frenz. Now, i'll juz follow my own stream and flow. Go my own way. If they follow, then they follow. Otherwise, who cares. Different ppl has different way of life. Argh i dun even know wat i'm saying anymore. But at least, in my life, i can honestly say that "all the frenships i've made in my life is wif pure frenship intention".


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