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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A poem dedicated to her

Ok ok it may not be the bez of poems, but still, I juz wanna let her know my feelings.

The day we met,
I thought it's by chance,
As time passes,
I found out it is more than chance.

Although the time is short,
But i enjoyed every single moment,
Every single second, is treasured by me,
'Coz I thought all this will end.

Day by day the feelings grew,
Stronger than ever, I tried to hide,
Finally I notice the one I need is you,
But i'm not sure if it's the same for you.

I decided to take the risk,
It feels like creating impossibilities,
It is like trying to make roses grow,
From places it will not grow.

I can still remember the day I profess,
I was nervous, I was so scared,
My heart was pounding so heavily,
Feels like hammer thumping onto walls.

At first I thought, I was gonna fail,
I knew it was impossible to grow roses from mattress,
Suddenly I saw a small plant grew,
From then on I knew nothing is impossible.

Today all these efforts are worth everything,
Life suddenly seems so beautiful,
Now i know meeting you is not by chance,
Because we are definitely fated.

Before this post will come to an end,
Please allow to say a few words from my heart,
Thank you for giving me a chance,
Baby I will always love you.

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