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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Who am i??

Deleted the previous post. Now only i know...u're scared of me. But why?? Juz bcoz of one mistake, u nvr wanna giv me a chance anymore. U said rather stay at home coz tired, yet u're willing to go out wif him even after a tedious day at college. I know ba, u enjoy goin out wif him rather than goin out wif me. After coming bak, i oredi noticed alot. It answers all the questions i need to know. Try to accept me, see inside. U'll und i'm not really the person i am. But u nvr wanna try, nvr wanna gimme a chance. No matter how hard i try, i know u'll nvr gimme one chance.

U said i'm talkative, but actually u juz cant or not willing to see how much i've changed. I'm talkative?? OMG pls ask anyone that knows me now. I'm only talkative in front of you. In campus, i hardly talk to anyone. Dun say girls, guys oso i dun talk to anymore. If being talkative in front of u is anoda criteria u cant accept, i'll juz shut up then. All u see of me is my outside look. U nvr try to look inside.

Why i rush u?? I'm afraid of losing u. I really do. Juz try to walk wif me. Be a normal bf-gf. Start as a normal one, or mayb juz go on a date wif me. At least u're giving me a chance. But now, u're not even giving me the chance. U dun havta accept me str8 away. Do it bit by bit. At least open ur heart to me so i can try to enter. And holding hands, is it so wrong?? Each time u pull away, i oredi know u're telling me we hav no chance at all.

Sometimes i wonder, wat's so lack of me till u dun even wanna gimme a chance. Yet u can love ur ex so much altho he hurt u so deep. I know u loved him still. However, u can at least giv it a try to a new love. U wanna hold on, i cant do anything. At least we start walking. Then slowly, u'll forget him. I dun wanna say anymore.

Now all i ask is gimme a chance. Juz try to be a basic bf-gf. If u dun wanna try, forever oso we cant be one.

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